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Acer buergerianum - maple - 54 cm

Manufacturer: Acer buergerianum
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Acer buergerianum - maple - In winter this bonsai is leafless - Height (including pot): 54 cm - Length pot: 37 cm - Nebari: 24 cm - Style: on rock
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Height (including pot): 54 cm 
Length pot: 37 cm 
Nebari: 24 cm 
Style: on rock

In winter this bonsai is leafless



Exhibition:  Must be protected of the sunmmer sun, especially in the southern regions.

Watering: except in winter, should always be abundant, since the ground must never be remains absolutely bone-dry.

Fertilization: from April to early July; from late August to October.

Repotting: every two years, before the revival of vegetation.

Products specifications
Species Acer
Subcategories Deciduous
Style Planted on rock
Height 54 cm