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Azalea - 16 cm

Manufacturer: Azalea - Rhododendron
SKU: Y45UE-1
Rhododendron indicum - Azalea - Shohin - Height (including pot): 16 cm - Lenght pot: 9,5 cm - Style: cascade
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Height (including pot): 16 cm                                                  

Lenght pot: 9,5 cm




Exhibition: Favors the bright sunshine, but fears increases the temperature  (which damage the flowers); in summer place in partial shade and tender sheltered during the winter.

Watering: Abundant throughout the year, allowing the slightly damp ground.

Fertilization: At the end of flowering, after pruning, every 15-20 days; every 15 days until October, excluding the period of July and August.

Repotting: Every 2-3 years in May-June, after the flowering.

Products specifications
Subcategories Flowering bonsai
Subcategories Evergreen
Style Cascade (Kengai)
Height 16 cm