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Carmona macrophylla - Tea tree - 22 cm

Manufacturer: Carmona
Carmona macrophylla - Tea tree - Height (including pot): 22 cm - Lenght pot: 17 cm - Style: with rock
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Height (including pot): 22 cm

Lenght pot: 17 cm
Style: with rock


Exposition: From September to April to must be kept in the inside, choosing a bright position. In the other months place outside in partial shade.

Watering: abundantly dry with one liter or more of water every time whenever the ground results dry to the touch. It is recommended to place at the under pot a saucer with of some gravel to maintain damp costantenente.

Fertilization: From April to September, avoiding the months of July and August.

Repotting: shall be carried out every 2/3 years in spring, in April-May.

Products specifications
Style Planted on rock
Height 22 cm
Subcategories Flowering bonsai
Species Carmona
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