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Crespi Cup 2017: winners

24 September 2017

Here are the winners of Crespi Bonsai Cup, Shohin Cup, Suiseki Cup, Pot Cup and Enthusiasts exhibition.

Crespi Bonsai Cup: Picea abies by Donato Danisi
Kaneko Memory Cup: Juniperus chinensis by Fabio Mantovani
Crespi Shohin Cup: Pinus thunbergii by Andrea Scarenzi
Crespi Suiseki Cup: Stone Abegawa-ishi by Paolo Dassetto
Crespi Suiseki Cup: Stone Keisho-seki by Emilio Capozza
Crespi Pot Cup: Composition of ancient pots of Heian Tofukuji I by Dario Mader
Crespi Pot Cup: Pot "Vela" by Igor Carino
Crespi Pot Cup: Pot of Bushuan-Shigeru Fukuda by Guido Pozzoli
Enthusiasts: Pinus sylvestris by Gianluca Sartor
Yokohama Cup: Pinus sylvestris by Raffaele Rignaenese
Masakuni Cup : Phyllirea by Maurizio Peverati

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