Soils and fertilizers

The main target of the fertilization is to bring the tree the different elements with the right ratios in the right periods and with the right methods, to ensure the bonsai with the best possible development.
Hanagokoro and aburakasu are solid and organic fertilizers, from Japan, the first for outdoor bonsai, the second one for indoor bonsai. In addition, the Linea Bonsan offers products created especially for the bonsai, from the liquid organic fertilizers to the ones with the vitamin B.
It's very important the soil as well: since the roots grow in a pot, the soils must have the ideal qualities for their wellness.
It helps to choose the best soil also the species, the maturity of the tree, the pot shape, etc. The best soils, mixed or pures, for the bonsai are: akadama, kanuma, soil ready to use, ketotsuchi, pozzolana, gravel and sand.

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Soils and fertilizers

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