To create a space, stage it to perfection and achieve the best result in terms of visibility and communication effectiveness it's essential to address staging experts, able to realize what every situation request.
Crespi Bonsai provides services, both to the public and private, of planning, rent and/or staging for traid fairs, meeting, stand, openings, presentations, advertising or for any other occasion where you would like to have exclusive and unique trees or create sets suitable to different situations.
Bonsai of every size and specie are avaible, even centuries-old, both imported from China and Japan with their characteristic shapesi, but also Bamboo of different colors and botanical rarities, original eastern décor such as furnitures, paintings, different types of objects, lanterns, walkways, bridges, natural stone baths etc.
Crespi Bonsai is able to offer a high quality service, guaranteeing professionalism and avaibility to realize any project.