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Crespi Cup 2015

Crespi Cup 2015

Parabiago - from 11 to 23 september

Winner Crespi Cup 2015

  • Crespi Bonsai Cup: Pinus mugo of Paolo Riboli
  • Kaneko Memory Cup: Quercus suber of Sergio Del Mese and Fiore Crescenzo
  • Crespi Shohin Cup: Olea europaean of Roberto Semprini
  • Crespi Suiseki Cup: landscape rock of Ettore Gardini
  • Crespi Pot Cup: ceramic pot of Matias Abel Pera
  • Amateurs in comparison: Pinus sylvestris of Rocco Zinghinì
  • Yokohama Cup: Juniperus chinensis Hokkaido of Matteo Martin
  • Masakuni Cup : Acer palmatum viridis of Silvio Brocchetti
  • Most voted bonsai by the audience: Myrtus comunis semi-cascade of Antonio De Fina

Guests: Shinsaku Yamahata, Masayuki Nomura, Jun Imabayashi, Fred Olsen

Crespi Cup 2015 special issue in the n°152 of BONSAI & news

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