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App MyBonsai

App MyBonsai

MyBonsai App is available in Italian and English for Android and Apple; cost: € 7,99. You download once, you get it for ever! The App asks autorisation to pictures, multimedia elements and files. Choose your store:

You will be able to record the history and development of your bonsai and share it with other MyBonsai users. In doing so they will have the whole picture of its life as a bonsai and they will uderstand the past and future of the tree.

Here's what you can do with MyBonsai:

  • record the bonsai details: you can include all the necessary infos;
  • insert all the pictures of your bonsai, with their data: it will allow you to see its evolution;
  • insert the photos of your project: it will allow you to compare the results and get better over time;
  • register the pot details and pictures; - track the pruning, fertilization, repotting and other care/maintenance operations for every tree;
  • manage and personalize your calendar with reminders and memos for every tree;
  • select the plants and pots pictures that will appear on the main display preview;
  • see the data history for every bonsai; - if you change device nothing will be lost: all the data will be back in the new one;
  • if you give in or acquire a plant from another MyBonsai user, you will import/export all its data, tracked history and future interventions;
  • a special section will keep all your no longer active trees, treatments and displays in orer to allow their consultation;

MyBonsai is not a course nor it has preloaded content: it is the best companion for organizing your bonsai history, collection and projects in order to enhance your skills, check everything at a glance and share your passion and results with others!

Help and tutorial on-line.

AppMyBonsai01 AppMyBonsai02 AppMyBonsai02
AppMyBonsai01 AppMyBonsai02 AppMyBonsai02
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